About the International Forum

The COVID-19 pandemic, which erupted in 2020, has brought about significant changes to human society in various aspects, prompting many people to deeply contemplate the urgency of establishing a resilient, equal, and solidary world. On the other hand, the widespread use of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, has the potential to bring disruptive changes to the business, government, and academic sectors. In this post-pandemic and artificial intelligence era, it is crucial for researchers, educators, and practitioners in library and information science (LIS) to collectively focus on how to effectively utilize data, information, and knowledge in order to exert their influence and establish a resilient and trustworthy digital society. The “2023 International Forum on Data, Information, and Knowledge for Resilient and Trustworthy Digital Societies (IFDIK 2023)” will provide an excellent international forum for researchers from not only Asia-Pacific regions but also all over the world to meet people with different backgrounds but common research interests to exchange their cutting-edge knowledge, experience and practices in various relevant issues in Library and Information Science (LIS), digital libraries, and other related fields. IFDIK 2023 is the umbrella conference for the co-location of three important international conferences, the 25th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2023), the 11th Asia-Pacific Conference on Library Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP 2023) and AP-iConference 2023 (the annual meeting of Asia-Pacific chapter of iSchools, AP-iSchools).



The International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL), which started in Hong Kong in 1998 and over the years traveled many countries in the Asia-Pacific region, is a major digital library conference. Along with JCDL (ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries) and TPDL (International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries), ICADL is held annually as one of the three top venues for connecting digital library, computer science, and library and information science communities


About A-LIEP

The Asia-Pacific Library and Information, Education and Practice (A-LIEP) conference is a biennial international conference held within the Asia-Pacific Region. The conference aims to bring together LIS Educators, practitioners, and researchers to discuss, discover, and determine the unique flavor of LIS in the Asia-Pacific Region. The conference started in 2006 and continues to be a venue for sharing and collaborating within the LIS field.


About AP-iConference

AP-iSchools is a regional group of the iSchools organization, which covers many top information schools in the Asia-Pacific region. The AP-iConference started in 2014 as an annual event for AP iSchools, but in 2020 it was re-defined as an open place for all next-generation information researchers in the Asia Pacific region. The conference is mainly organized by the iSchools Asia-Pacific Next Generation Committee (AP-iNext), which consists of promising next generation researchers from AP-iSchools, ICADL and A-LIEP communities. It intends to give a good opportunity for all next generation researchers to build their network that will help foster their research activities.